Various - 20th Century Time Capsule

Various - 20th Century Time Capsule Singer: Various
Title: 20th Century Time Capsule
Label: Buddha Records ‎– 7446599633 2
Type: CD
Country: US
Date of released: 26 Oct 1999
Category: Non-Music
Style: Public Broadcast, Speech, Spoken Word, Interview
MP3 RAR album: 1910 mb
FLAC RAR album: 1636 mb
Album rating: 3.5
Available format: MP3 FLAC AA ADX MMF MOD DMF RA VOC
Genre: Non Music

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1 Various First Promotional Message On The Edison Phonograph/In My Merry Oldsmobile - Len Spencer Records/Billy Murray 2:56
2 Various On Becoming The First To Reach The North Pole/Address To The Boys' Progressive League/On U.S Entry Into WWI / General John J. Pershing Address From France/Will Rogers on How to End the War 2:29
3 Nora Bayes Over There 2:56
4 Various On The Suffragette Movement/On Prohibition/On Prohibition/After First Trans-Atlantic Flight - Mrs. Carrie Chapman Katt/Rev. Billy Sunday/NYC Mayor Fiorello Laguardia/Charles Lindbergh 2:00
5 Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra Charleston 2:38
6 Various Rejection Of Violence/First Inaugural Address/Reassurance To The Nation During Depression - Mohandas Gandhi/President Franklin D. Roosevelt 0:53
7 Leo Reisman And His Orchestra, Fred Astaire The Gold Digger's Song (We're In The Money) 2:16
8 Various King Edward VIII Abdicates Throne/Bruno Hauptmann Execution/Hindenberg Disaster/Lou Gehrig's Farewell to Baseball/ British P.M. Neville Chamberlain Signs Non-Agression Pact With Germany/ Adolf Hitler on Germany Military Strength 2:01
9 Various President Franklin D. Roosevelt Announces Attack On Pearl Harbor/U.S. Public Service Announcement: Rationing/ Allided Invasion of Iwo Jima 1:59
10 Duke Ellington And His Orchestra A Slip Of The Lip 2:56
11 Various Hitler Dead/German Surrender/First Nuclear Attack/Japanese Surrender 1:07
12 Various General Douglas MacArthur Retires/'Checkers' Speech/On The Fall Of Dien Bien Phu/ Senator Joseph McCarthy Naming Names/ Attorney Joseph Welch confronts Joseph McCarthy at the Army-McCarthy Hearings/ Former First Lady Elanor Roosevelt on Character/ President Dwight Eisenhower Supports Desegregation With Federal Troops/ U.S.S.R. Launches Sputnik/ Stereo Introduced/ U.S. Public Service Announcement: What to Do During a Nuclear Attack 3:56
13 The Isley Brothers Shout! 4:24
14 Various John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address/Orbiting The Earth/Confronting Russian Ambassador During Cuban Missile Crisis/ Richards Nixon Concedes/ John F. Kennedy Announces Civil Rights Bill/ Joseph Valachi Testifies about Cosa Nostra/ John F. Kennedy at the Berlin Wall/ Kennedy Assassination/ Lee Harvey Oswald Shot 5:19
15 Various The Beatles Come To America/Malcolm X On Black Power/Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) Recites/Topless Bathing Suit Introduced/ Lyndon Johnson Escelates The Vietnam War/ Lyndon Johnson Signs The Civil Rights Act/ Rioting In Watts/ Antiwar March/ Lyndon Johnson Declines Second Term/ Robert F. Kennedy Announces Mlk Assassination/ Richard Daley On Riots/ Neil Armstrong First Steps On The Moon/ Woodstock 5:00
16 The Fifth Dimension Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In 4:44
17 Various Spiro Agnew On The Generation Gap/Kent State Shootings/Gloria Steinem On The Women's Liberation Movement/ Munich Olympics Massacre/ Richard Nixon Announces End of Vietnam War/ Richard Nixon Watergate Denial/ Richard Nixon Resigns/ Gerald Ford Grants Pardon/ Gerald Ford's Debate Blunder/ Jimmy Carter Elected President/ 3 Mile Island Nuclear Disaster 3:34
18 Andrea True Connection More, More, More 2:59
19 Various Jimmy Carter On Iranian Hostage Rescue Attempt/John Lennon Assassinated/Jimmy Carter On The Release Of Iranian Hostages/ Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Address/ Reagan Assassination Attempt/ First Us Space Shuttle/ Wedding Of Prince Charles & Lady Diana/ Margaret Thatcher On Invasion Of The Falklands Islands/ Sally Ride On Becoming First Woman In Space/ Ronald Reagan On Russia And Nuclear Disarmament/ Jesse Jackson Runs For President/ Walter Mondale Campaign/ Ronald Reagan Off-Mike Gaff/ Ronald Reagan's Tax Threat 5:21
20 Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 3:36
21 Various Ronald Reagan On Bombing Of Libya/Challenger Explosion/Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster/Stock Trader Ivan Boesky Gives Advice/ C. Everett Koop On The Aids Epidemic/ Ronald Reagan On The Iran-Contra Scandal/ Oliver North On The Iran-Contra Scandal/ Ronald Reagan At The Berlin Wall/ Nancy Reagan's Anti-Drug Campaign/ Jim & Tammy Bakker Apologize/ Ivan Boesky Convicted Of Insider Trading/ George Bush's Tax Pledge/ George Bush On Volunteerism/ Lloyd Bentsen Debates Dan Quayle 3:47
22 Various George Bush On Desert Storm/Rodney King Comments Amid Los Angeles Riots/ Branch Dividian Cult in Waco, TX/ Nelson Mandela Addresses South Africa/ Al Gore's Campaign Dance 1:09
23 Los Del Rio Macarena 3:51
24 Various Bill Clinton On Bosnia/Charles Spencer On The Death Of His Sister, Princess Diana/Princess Diana's Funeral/ Johnnie Cochran/ Bill Clinton Denial/ Bill Clinton on John Glenn's Return to Space/ Mark McGwire breaks HR Record/ Bill Clinton on Kosovo/ Bill Clinton on Building a Bridge 2:51
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